Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another one but not totally done

I used my new "A Cardinal Christmas" for this one because I just wanted to do something with the cardinal. I used my new red riding hood cardstock and some black and antique white. I also used my bold brights water color crayons to paint the cardinal and the branch. I haven't decided what else to do to this card so any input would be appreciated. I outlined the Cardinal to make it stand out. Thanks for checking in today and I will try to make a card almost everyday(work permitiing). Have a great night.


As Promised

I did this card using my new Happy Blessings stamp set and my watercolor crayons and my aqua painter. The crayons were earth elements and the card stock was tango mandarin and chocolate chip and some antique white I had. The embellishments I found at Ollies Bargain outlet. Thanks for being patient with me. I am not real happy with the card but at least I finally made one. Thanks for stopping in



New Stamps , New in Color inks and Paper arrived today. most definately look for cards tomorrow, Thanks for all your understanding during this blue spell. I actually made an anniversary card for hubby 2 days ago but ai wasn't impressed with it so I didn't post it. I promise tomorrow I will have a card on here whether I like it or not.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

What a find!!!!!

If any of you have a Ollie's bargain outlet near you.....Run don't walk there. They have a craft sale going on. Everything from scrapbooking to embroidery. I found so many jolee embellishments and just so much stuff I had to tell you about it. I am off to go make a card and I won't forget to take a picture this Be back soon and Thanks for stopping in.


Monday, September 1, 2008

Allisons 2nd anniversary candy

Check it out Allison celebrating her 2 year anniversary blogging and she is giving away some really cool blog candy so go check it out

Summer is over and hopefully so arent these blues I have been suffering from. I have tons of new stamps with more coming so I should be posting so creations this week. The new job is great I actually get 2 days off a week which is something I haven't had in a very long time. Next year (2009) the new job will bring me closer to home and believe me I just can'f wait. But I have some sense of normalcy going on right now so I will be back in the swing of things again. Let me just say I miss all of you and I am so grateful you have been so patient with me. I did make a card a couple weeks ago but I forgot to take a picture of it before I maled it out.

The comapny I work for had all kinds of Jolee embellishments for 1.19 and with my discount I got them for 95 cents so I will be posting some scrapbooking pages to. Thanks so much for stopping in.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Hello again

No I haven't wandered off into my own world again. I did however have 2 more deaths in the last week(Thank God they say it comes in three's so I am done for a while)
MY brother in law who I have been friends with for over 30 years passed and had a spactacular funeral with bagpipes and all I didn't attend but my daughter told me it was beautiful. Then When I first moved to NC I sat with an elderly women who was such a smart wonderful women. She let me know alot of the history of North Carolina and what it was like for her to grow up here. She on several occassions tried to pretend to steal my blue chihauha( she loved Tiko to pieces) She passed away this past week and I will let you know that I feel it was an honor to know this women. and I hope that God lets all thier souls rest in piece......AMEN

Friday, July 11, 2008

check out this blog candy
If you like magnolia stamps u have to check out andrea's blog

Long Time ..........

I know I have been gone a long time. I guess I kind of took a spiral downward and got myself all depressed. Some good came of it though because I quit the job that was most of the cause of my funk....but I have another job that pays even more. Then my sister-in-law was diagnosed with cancer and died 4 days later so up to Massachusetts I went. Then while I was there my Brother-in-law was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and is not doing so well. This is the man that married my sister just last September so she is beside herself. So if I could ask all of you to keep them in your prayers I know they would appreciate it.
On a good note I did get to spend time with my granddaughters while I was up there. I will be visiting blogs and trying to get back to normal in the next few days and yes I am going to dig out my craft supplies and start crafting again. Thank You all for the notes of concern and I promise if I get in that funk again I will let you all know so you can snap me out of it. I miss all of you and cant wait to see what you have been up to in the last few months.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Mail I got a week ago!!!!

This is a card I received about a week ago from a very talented women named Dawn. I am sorry Dawn that it took me so long to post it. I love the card!!!! It is so pretty and it made my day. You guys need to go check out her blog it is called dawns stamping thoughts. You will be amazed at how talented she is. Keep up the good work Dawn.
My business leadership conference only has 3 more days to go and it is really interesting and I am learning things that I am surprised
Thanks for stopping in today.


Saturday, April 26, 2008

wow who would have thought

Wow who would have thought I would have so many visitors!! I am pretty excited. So when I reach 20 thousand I will offer some blog candy and those of you who know me can just imagine what I will offer, I like to treat my visitors well. So please keep checking in and before you know it there will be blog candy. What do you think of a pay it forward, I could offer one now or do you think I should wait? Let me know what you think. Thanks for stopping in and I want you to know I appreciate you all and if you email me and tell me your birthdays I would like to send a card to all my faithful people on thier birthdays.
You guys are the best.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I love birds

After watching my hummingbirds and goldfinches I just felt like using my Little birdie set from su. It didn't turn out as lavish as I had planned but its an ok card. I used my su water color pencils and a blender pen. The card stock is perfect plum and I think Lavender lace and of course a little whisper white. I used cb floder for the embossing and some brads I picked up at HL. Thanks for checking in and I promise to post more regularly but not on friday's because that is my late night. If I can whip a card up in the moring before work or even tonight I will post it. You guys are the best


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Mail....Exactly what I needed!!!!

I recieved this card yesterday from Simone over at Daily dose of Spazz. It was a blogger rak from splitcoast stampers but I frequent her blogs between daily dose of spazz and scrap your crap. This card is absolutely adorable and just what the doctor I realize I can't sit around and wallow in self pity so tonight I made a card but I can't post it until May because Its for a challange over at Scrap Your crap and that is part of thier challenge.

I just want to let you all know that I appreciate your comments and prayers. Tom and I did file charges and the Bank is putting my money back as they investigate each transaction and find out it truly wasn't us. Well I am back to my craft table(dining room table) and I will post a card tomorrow night or if I get it done tonight I will post it. You guys are the best and thanks for thinking if me in the last few weeks.

Hugs to you all

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hey Thanks for being here

I know I have been neglecting my blog lately, But I think I have a good reason. I don't know how I made it through this but let me tell you what happened. First off for those of you who don't really know me......I am a very kind hearted person..When my son got out of jail I let him come stay with us and straighten his life out, build his credit....get a job...all that kind of stuff. Well he did it and he is doing really well. He got himself a new cards...and is getting ready to move out on his own. I like to think he learned his lesson, which I really think he did. So now on the flip side....My stepdaughter is having a rough time so I convince my husband to let her come stay with us and we will do the same for her that we did for my son. She moves in a few weeks ago and has been keeping me busy. so last saturday I go on my online banking to tranfer some money around and much to my shock both my accounts at that particular bank are empty( as a matter of fact 1 is in the negative) so OMG what the heck happened here!!!! I fly to my master bath to find my bank card thinking I lost it....but its there. I tell my husband and he thinks I typed something in wrong and I go back and type my account again. Same thing comes up. Well Lo and Behold his banl card is missing and so is his daughter. Now I can't prove it was her but she disappeared the same day all the withdrawals have been done. How did she know the pin number you ask? I asked the same thing and my children responded "MA Tom has had the same number since we were little kids" Omg I never realized he kept the same pin number over 20 some odd years. What do we do Press charges or learn from this? I feel like my heart has been ripped out because I tried to helps someone ine need. Am I nuts? What so I do? Thanks for stopping in and listening to me. Miss all of you

Saturday, March 29, 2008


So my friend called me and asked me If I wanted to go to High Point and see Bill Cinton speak? Off we went thinging we wouldn't even get in. Well we got in and we were 4 rows away from the former president. I listened to his great speech and realize he is a pretty funny guy. Can you believe I even got to shake his hand and tell him I was a Massachusetts native. I have some pictures of him to post. I will edit them tomorrow and poat them. I have never gone to a political rally in my life but it was pretty exciting and Bill Clinton is quite a speaker. Thanks for stopping in today and I promise I will post a card tomorrow.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Just a quick note

Christ is Risen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ALLELUHIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Mail

I got home from work rather late tonight,feeling pretty tired. What is that box on my counter??? Oh Yeah I remember I ordered some of the new stamps from Gina K!! Pretty sweet deal too because you buy 3 and get s special stamp set free. I am so excited!!!!!!!!!! I just had to tell all of you. Now I need to get off here and cut the stamps and If I can do it quickly enough I will make a card with them and be back. If the card isn't on here tonight it will definately be posted tomorrow when I get home from work. Of course it could be a long day because we are having an audit and those audits take for ever. Hopefully we score a hundred, but I know one department we are vulnerable in. Geesh there has got to be a break here life in retail....What can you
Thanks for stopping in and checking on me.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

dahlia fold flower

I like thise card even though I didn't take a great picture of it. I used wild Wasabi cs and some flowers for you dp. and the stamps are from su and they are called celebrate everything. I added a little sparkly brad to the center of the dahlia fold flower and a little bling around the word celebrate. and the ribbon is from one of Jody Morrow's many swaps. Thanks for stopping in and I hope you like the card.


Monday, March 10, 2008


I finally finished the folds on the Dahlia fold flower and let me tell you they have to be pretty close to perfect or the flower doesn't look right. I realized after like 4 days that I should do it on a hard surface instead of on my Tomorrow I will finish the card off and post it. I am quite pleased with the way the flower came out and I think You will be too. Oh yeah I got a job offer tonight that sounds very promising. If you know me I currently work about 70 hours a week as a salaried manager and I am not happy putting my crafting off until I am not to tired to do it. When My company closed 2 yrs ago I never thought getting a new job would mean putting what I love on the back burner.. Well I guess I kind of know its on the back burner but not to the extent this company has put it. I mean I am physically exhausted everyday when I get home from work. I go from my professional clothes to my pajama's everyday. My family hates that I spend no time with them and my friends have the same gripe, I used to stamp with my friend Cheryl a few times a week before and now I don't get to stamp with her at all. We use to ttry every technique there was and have so much fum. I hope this job pans out and gives me some sense of normalcy to my life again. Thanks for listening and checking in. Tomorrow you will see my finished card.


Friday, March 7, 2008

I am glad you asked!!

Several of You asked me where I got the template for the 3d flower and I realozed I should have posted it. So tonight I seached the blogs and I found it. I actually saw the flower on Melstampz blog and she posted the link to the flower. I hope its ok that I post the link to where I found it. Thanks for stopping in tonight, I am still working on that dahlia fold flower. It seems the folds have to be exact or the flower doesn't look right and I am using such a small circle I guess that makes it more difficult. But even the ones that weren't perfect look as soon as it is perfect I will post it.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Can I just say?????????????????

I am seeing all these new scorepals and I have to say I am a little upset. I bought the scorepal when it first came out and I have to say I love it, But I often wished it had more measurements for scoring. Now they have come out with one that has so many measurements. My Dh would probably kill me if I bought another. I mean Less then a yr ago I spent 39.95 for it and told him how much better my scoring would be and never dared to tell him that I wished for more score Don't get me wrong he really doesn't mind me spending the money on what I want but he always tells me not to be the first one on the bandwagon because they always enhance the original ones...Lol please don't tell him he was right. Ok thanks for listening to me, I couldn't help it after visiting several blogs and seeing the new and improved scorpal. Thanks for stopping in


Spring is here....I

So I was leaving for work today and noticed my hyacinths are blooming as is my daffodils and as I am heading down the road to the highway I notice the tree's are blooming. I swear they weren't bloomed yesterday so it was an overnight
Ok for my card I used Su vv cs and some stack packs form dcwv. I stamped the morning glory from su's morning soft stamps and tried my hand using my copic markers for the very first time. The sentiment is from su's for a friend stamp set and then I used stickles for the flowers stamen. I used ribbon from one of Jody Morrows many ribbon shares( You guys have to get in on one of her shares) and then I added some bling. I Don't like the card for some reason. Maybe the sentiment or the stickles but I thought I would post it anyway. Thanks for stopping in today and for my next endeavor I think I will try one of those dahlia fold flowers for a card.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

oops forgot to add the picture

3d Flower

So I saw this flower in card inspired by maria some time ago and I have been wanting to make one. yesterday I went to a blog melstampz and she had a template so I decided to go for it. I used Su flowers for you cs and some ultra fine glitter I got from one of the swaps over at confessions of a ribbon addict. Only the center of the flower has glitter and it was called lipstick. I like the flower but have no idea what I will do with I do that all the time. I make things and don't know what to do with them. Oh well at least I am back to creating. Tomorrow I will have a card to post. I just have to decide which sentiment I want to use. Thanks for stopping in.

Glad to be creating

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I think I am helpless

So I am trying to visit all my blog sisters today and I can't seem to get to stamped smiles. I believe that is Vicki's blog. Can someone send me the link. I never had a problem before so I don't know if it is her blog or if is me. Thanks for helping a Sistah out. Thanks for checking in today.


Monday, February 25, 2008

A little Project

Ok so yesterday I was visiting some blogs and I went to confessions of a ribbon addict and saw this cute basket and thought to myself "I need to try one of those" and this is result(not as good as I wanted it to come out but I will try another one) I think it came out pretty cute for my first try. I used su dp cherise and some bling. If you want to try to make one of these go over to Jody's blog and check it out. Confessions of a ribbon addict. Well thanks for stopping in again and I will make an effort to do something everyday to post.


As promised

I did this card in shades of purple cardstock. I found the stamp at Enchanted Cottage when DH and I went there a few weeks ago. I used my prisma pencils and then added stickles to the little chicks. Not a very fancy card but at least a card. Oh yeah I dug out and old friend for the sentiment. Can you believe I used my Quik Kutz. Something I had put away when I got my cricut. I forgot how hard it was to squeeze those handles. I think I will put it away again. I have the cricut design studio now so maybe I will do a few cards with that. I am off to do the project I said I was going to do today so I may be posting that later. Thanks for stopping in.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

I know I know

I am so sorry I haven't posted in a long time because I have been working 7 days a week and frankly I am exhausted. However I have tomorrow off and my promise to You is to make at least 2 cards and post them and maybe even post some of the cards from the swap. The cards from the swap are awesome. I hope all of you have recieved them. I have a couple more to send out but I am waiting on one to arrive. I thought it would have been here but maybe tomorrow it will arrive. Let me know what you thought of the cards from the swap and If you think we should try it again. I loved all the cards and feel inferior to some of Ok until tomorrow when I post some of my own cards and maybe a project that I saw on some else's blog. Thank You for your patience(spelling) and please understand that I am a salaried manager and have to do what is right for the store I am in, even if it means 7 days a week. Thanks for stopping in today and checking on me.


Thursday, February 7, 2008


I am still waiting on some swaps to arrive. So I am guessing that I will mail them out on Monday so start stalking the mailman next week because these cards are beautiful. I sat today to make cards and hated everything I came up with. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR I hate when I have these creativity blocks but I think its just because I have worked so much lately and then doing this to my toes and being told to stay off the foot is just all mind boggling. I am off to the craft room (dining room) to give it another try. I picture cards in my head but I can't seem to put them on cardstock. I did manage to grant 3 wishes on scs though and for that I feel good because I have kind of neglected the wish rack due to lack of time but I hope this is a good sign that I granted wishes. Thanks for stopping in

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Day of Mourning

So for those of you who know me My team lost the superbowl last night. I think they lost it to get the media off their backs over this whole spygate thing. But in any event we still lost and I am feeling really down. I had today off fron work and you won't believe this but I stubbed my toe on my queen ann chair in my bedroom today and as a result I broke 2 toes and now I am out of work for a few days(I hope) and this is not good because we have inventory this week. But my toes are so swollen and they put me on strong pain meds and this silly boot that there is no way I could work. I guess I will make some cards because what ekse can I do with no work and not being able to walk. Thanks for stopping in and listening to me.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sisterhood of blogging stampers3

So I just got home from work and I have been thinking wouldn't it be great to have a card swap between us all. let me see there are 30 of us and we could break up into six groups of five. I would be willing to host it if you wanted. But I would like one of each card so that would mean each person makes 6 cards. and I would keep the extra card, I don't know maybe I am nuts. but the expectation would be to so a full size card and layers and at least one embellishment. Tell me what you think. Because we are in a holiday season we could set a deadline for likd feb. 2nd. That would give us time to get thru the holidays and then work on the swap. You would enclose a self addressed envelope with postage on it. and all cards must be put in a baggie or some kind of protection so if it rains or whatever they won't get ruined. Please let me know what you think.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Swaps received today

I received two sets of swap cards today one from stamongranny and one from glittermonkey and let me just tell you these two ladies have some talent. So anyone who needs my address just email me and I will get it to you. Remember to include a self addressed stamped envelope with your swap. I am back to stamping now that I have some time. MIL went home this week. Thanks for continuing to stop by even though I haven't posted any cards lately but they are coming.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


The New England Patriots won the AFC championship ..Yeah Patriots.... Which means they go on to the superbowl WhooooHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Superboel Party at my house and all are invited so if you are in the neighborhood and love the Patriots as I do you are invited. If you don't just let me revel in my glory because the Patriots will win the superbowl. Let me know if you are in the area and want to come...........DO PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Drum Roll Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So instead of using the random number generator this time I decided I would sit and reread each comment and chose the gesture that I thought showed what Cristmas was all about. Well it wasn't that easy for me because so many of You did such wonderful things that the decision was hard. So I took the easy route and asked my MIL to read each and every comment and tell me which one she thought was the best display of the season. Well she did better then me because she got it down to 2. Unfortunately I had to tell her I only had one prize, She took the rest of the afternoon to decide which one it would be and she chose.........................Susie@susiestampsalot.

so please email me your addy and I will get that prize out to you.

another pic of the Blog Cansy

This is a picture of the scapbook that goes with the kit. I think it is very pretty.ok the next post is going to be the winner. My mother in law is reading all the comments and going to pick the one she thinks shows the best Christmas spirit. Thanks for stopping in and checking on me and the winner will be announced this afternoon

Pictures if Blog Candy

The picture doesnt do it justice because you cant really see all there is bit it gives you the general Idea

Friday, January 11, 2008

So for those who follow my trials and tribulations

You remember I had to go up North for a parole hearing for the guys who murdered my FIL? Well the one accused I was worried about getting parole was denied yesterday which means that even though he has been in Jail for 20 years he gets to spend another 5 at least in Jail. The one who I wasn't worried about has not been voted on yet. I ask you all for your prayers to keep this low life in jail. I don't know why it is taking the parole board so long to make a decision on him because when I listened to him at the parole board he was full of you know what. Please keep my Husband and his Mom in your prayers and thoughts because this monster belongs in jail not running the streets of Massachusetts. Thanks for stopping in. And thanks for your thoughts and prayers

Friday, January 4, 2008

Ok I know what the Blog Candy will be!!!!

First off let me start by thanking everyone who sent me well wishes in the last 2 or more weeks. I can tell you I have never been that sick in my life. What a time to get sick with so much to do. I don't know how I got thru the holidays but I did and everything went well. I just had to rest a lot and now I am 100 % better.

Ok now for the blog candy!!!! It will be a complete scrapbooking kit. WhoooHooo sounds great doesn't it? it has a 12x12 scrapbook and 12x12 paper in colors and in white. It also has embellishments like brads and ribbon and fiber. It has alphabet stickers and other stickers. it has tags and shapes and so much more..It has buttons and I cant even remember what else. It is like 1200 pieces in all. So I will keep the blog candy chances going until January 14th when I start a weeks vacation from that zoo I like to call I really appreciate all of you and can't thank you enough for your wonderful words and thoughts. I hope the candy meets everyones approval. Thanks for stopping. I will try to take a picture of everything and post it.