Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I think I am helpless

So I am trying to visit all my blog sisters today and I can't seem to get to stamped smiles. I believe that is Vicki's blog. Can someone send me the link. I never had a problem before so I don't know if it is her blog or if is me. Thanks for helping a Sistah out. Thanks for checking in today.



Maren said...

I haven't been able to get to it for awhile.... :-(

Cindy said...

Hi Kathy,
You're not helpless.
Vicki had discontinued her blog.
Hope this helps!

Ema said...

Yeah, I was gonna tell you the same thing. Vicki went bye-bye. :( I'm visiting everyone today after been gone for almost a month too. NEVER AGAIN! I feel like I'll never get caught up! So much to see, so much to comment on! :D

Glitter Monkey said...

Katie sent us all an e-mail to let us know that Vicki had had to discontinue her blog due to other commitments. And then there were 29 ..... Lol Lynn x