Monday, August 13, 2007

check out this blog
Not only is she a talented lady she is also offering blog candy. I found her blog about a week and a half ago and I go there every chance I get. Thanks for stopping by

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Beate's challenge from last week

I used old olive cs and some yellow cs and of course some Bg Phoebe, the stamp I used was the flower from doodle this. The wording was papertrey. The ribbon was from one of my many swaps. Thanks for stopping in.

Not computer literate

I have made cards....I have taken pictures of cards but I can't figure out this windows vista to upload them to my blog. If anyone knows how please feel free to tell me. I just might have to get hubby to help but then I have to listen to his computer but it might be worth it to learn how to do it. Please be patient while I learn this operating system. Thanks for checking in.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I did Beate's challenge this week and all I have left to do is add the ribbon and I know that should be easy right? Well I can't find a ribbon I like with it. You can't even imagine how much ribbon I have and its hard to believe I have nothing to go with this card. Must be time to get in another ribbon I will try and finish it tonight and If I do I will post it. Cheryl and I stamped the other day and we made a couple of shaker cards using the CD envelopes. they are really cute but I can't post them because I can't remember the stamp set we used. I swear I am losing my mind. Oh well thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


DH has decided he is going to put windows vista on my computer, I have talked him out of it since february. If by chance I stop visiting your blog it may be because I lost your blog in this transformation so please feel free to email me and say Hey Kathy where have you been.....Ok so here I go handing my laptop over to DH......Yikes this is making me very nervous but he is the computer guru in this house so maybe just maybe he knows what he is talking about. Ok so I think the laptop is stuck on my lap it doesn't seem to want to have this procedure done. Geesh now I think my computer actually has be back to chec.k out windows vista in a few hours. Wish me luck!!!! Thanks for stopping by and listening to me rant