Sunday, August 5, 2007


DH has decided he is going to put windows vista on my computer, I have talked him out of it since february. If by chance I stop visiting your blog it may be because I lost your blog in this transformation so please feel free to email me and say Hey Kathy where have you been.....Ok so here I go handing my laptop over to DH......Yikes this is making me very nervous but he is the computer guru in this house so maybe just maybe he knows what he is talking about. Ok so I think the laptop is stuck on my lap it doesn't seem to want to have this procedure done. Geesh now I think my computer actually has be back to chec.k out windows vista in a few hours. Wish me luck!!!! Thanks for stopping by and listening to me rant


Dawn Griffith said...

Hey Girie : By chance what program did you have before windows? My hubby has Vista on his laptop and doesn't like it much I love my Windows program and you will too ...Hang in there girlie ..

mum on the run said...

Hope it all went well!!

ronee said...

Wishing you the best with the Vista! I totally know how that goes..i am having a few vista like issues!