Saturday, June 30, 2007

I got my MIL to stamp

I got my MIL to stamp. s\She has never done it before. If she hasnt seaked the envy I will take a pic of it, Look again my dining room table is a oh well she will clean it in the morning I am sure. she just loves to clean so I don't disturb her. Thanks for stopping in


shoes to go with the gown. acrylic so I can wear them again

another pic of the gown

another view of the gown

Gown for my sisters wedding

This is the gown I chose to be my sisters matron of honor. I will be wearing clear heels with it. I should have taken a picture of the shoes but that will come I guess. Thanks for stopping in

feeling like I live in Oz

When I lived in Massachusetts I think I saw pieces of rainbows but never one as clear and as pretty as the one I saw today above my house in North Carolina. I felt like I should be singing " Somewhere Over the Rainbow" or maybe even trying to find the pot of gold at the end of it. Thanks for stopping in I just thought I would show you how beautiful nature can be.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Still Here

I am still here but have very little time for the computer. My MIL is here visiting form up north and I just feel guilty if I spend time on the computer. I promise I will post a card soon. Maybe I can get her interested in card making. Thats all I have for now I will check back soon. Thanks for stopping in

Saturday, June 23, 2007

finally using my little lady stamps

So I finally used my papertrey stamps, I used su cs red black and whisper white. and the ink was real red from su. and the ribbon is from one of Jody Morrow's swaps. I also used red and black dewdrops for the ladybug. Thanks for stopping in and maybe later I will use my newest papertrey stamps.

comment moderation

I Have no Idea what the 4th comment on my new stamp set post says but as I fear it cant be a good thing I am turning comment moderation back on. I hate all the letters to type when I go to other blogs but now I understand why it is done. Thanks for listening.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

New stamp set

I got my new Sassy Stems today and couldn't wait to use them so here is another post for today, Stamps are su sassy stems,Ink is su real red and I used colored pencils to color in the image. I used a su corner punch and my new white signo gel pen. The sentiment is something I picked up at emchanted cottage. Thanks for stopping by

Cheryl came over yesterday

Cheryl came to my house this time and we cased this card from stamping therapy. Its not a direct case because we changed up the colors but for the most part it is a case. We used the stamp set the art of life and cs was su old olive and ww and I can't remember what the other color is. we used ribbon from one of Jody Morrows swaps and the inks were versamark brilliants which Cheryl just got from doodliedo. and the eyelets are something I had hanging around. Hope you enjoy this card. I think It came out pretty good. Thanks for stopping in

Cased from the inkblog

This was a card I did after reading on the inkblog about pearlex and future florwax. I love the way the flowers look like cloisine. The cs was Su perfect plum and I used heat and stick and dazzling diamonds for the sentiment(wished I had just stamped it though) I love the way the flowers came out so check it out at the Inkblog. Thanks for stopping in

Friday, June 15, 2007

How does your garden grow?

I don't usually cut my garden flowers but when I lived in the Northeast I could only grow these Calla Lillies in the house and now I live in the Southeast so I thought I would try to grow them outside and as you can see they did quite well. The Picture doesn't do them justice. they are white with a little purple shading around the edge. I guess you can tell I am excited about these. I should cut them all but I have to let my neighbors look at them too. Thanks for stopping

Easy shaker card

This card came from a tutorial I found at card inspired by maria. It uses a cd sleeve to make the actual shaker card instead of all that cutting. I used a stamp from alexa's. I did it in pinks because I am going to send it to my granddaughter. The inside of the shaker was some confetti found at hobby lobby but next time I think I will use something made out of paper because this is plastic and gets stuck in the card when you shake it. Its a great way to make a shaker so head over to She has a lot of tutorials and she is so talented. thanks for stopping.

Beate's sketch 2nd card

I went to my friend cheryl's yesterday and she wanted to Beate's challenge so I did a 2nd card with her. I used delight in life stamps from su. 0ld olive ink and some glitterpack paper. I used a photo divit(can't remember what its called) from su hodge podge. This worked much better to keep the gate card closed. Let me know what you think and Thanks for stopping by. I forgot to mention that I used the giga and mega scalloped oval for my center piece.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sisters Birthday

I know she regularly checks my blog so let me shout out to her and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY ANN ...I forgot to mail your card but I am off to take care of it now.

Beate's sketch

I used su black and taken with teal cs. Papertrey ladybug stamp and a prima flower to keep it closed which didnt work so I had to attach a paperclip to keep it closed. these are pretty easy to make and you can find the tutorial on the fresh and fun blog

Friday, June 8, 2007

Sisters are so thoughtful

So last week I got a promotion at work. Of course I call my sister and Cheryl to let them know the great news. Today on my day off I go to cheryl's to stamp and when I get home what is sitting on my counter but these beautiful flowers with a wonderful card from my sister in Massachusetts tell me I make her proud. Isn't that the sweetest thing you ever heard? These flowers are so pretty and now I have to call her and thank her. I just wanted to share this with all of you. Thanks for stopping in

a little more stamping

For this card I used my new chocolate chp cs and some glitterpak paper For stamps I used an old hostess set called the art of life. the card is really pretty IRL but I think it needs something but I dont know what. Any Ideas? Thanks for stopping in..

trying to stamp

I am not sure how this picture looks but I could use a little help. I stamped Roses in winter with brocade blue. I used glitterpak paper for the card base and su's apricot appeal and ww. I may add some glitter to the rose or maybe a ribbon? Tell me what to do with it. Thanks for stopping in

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


This is a rak I received from Susanbluerobot.....isn't it the cutest thing, not to mention one of my favorite songs is Another brick in the wall. Susan Thank You so much for sending me this all the way from australia. Check out Susans blog at She has some really cute cards over there.

Friday, June 1, 2007

tagged continues

last thing you did.....called cheryl
you are wearing....jammies now to tag someone....haha
favorite weather..warm Cheryl Tag your it
last thing you ate..grilled cheese
your mood...great
your life.....great
best friend..cheryl
what are you thinking right long this tag is
your car...convertible
what are you doing at the moment...duh
relationship status...married
whats on your tv...nothing
what is the weather like...sunny
last time you laughed...a minute ago


Yourself...pecular Your not........introvert
Spouse.......Awesome wish list item....motorcycle
Your favorite thing....Dogs
Your dream last night...none
Favorite drink.....coke
dream car......corvette
dream house Live in it(oops thats 3 words)
room you are in....den
Your fears....theaters
where you want to be in ten years.....retired
who did you hang out with last night....Danny