Friday, March 7, 2008

I am glad you asked!!

Several of You asked me where I got the template for the 3d flower and I realozed I should have posted it. So tonight I seached the blogs and I found it. I actually saw the flower on Melstampz blog and she posted the link to the flower. I hope its ok that I post the link to where I found it. Thanks for stopping in tonight, I am still working on that dahlia fold flower. It seems the folds have to be exact or the flower doesn't look right and I am using such a small circle I guess that makes it more difficult. But even the ones that weren't perfect look as soon as it is perfect I will post it.


Glitter Monkey said...

WOW the flower card is just amazing! I am in the middle of a Dahlia card too - they are fiddly things aren't they? Lol Lynn x

Denise ~ said...

Thanks for the link, can't wait to see your dahlia fold. I love those. :)