Monday, March 10, 2008


I finally finished the folds on the Dahlia fold flower and let me tell you they have to be pretty close to perfect or the flower doesn't look right. I realized after like 4 days that I should do it on a hard surface instead of on my Tomorrow I will finish the card off and post it. I am quite pleased with the way the flower came out and I think You will be too. Oh yeah I got a job offer tonight that sounds very promising. If you know me I currently work about 70 hours a week as a salaried manager and I am not happy putting my crafting off until I am not to tired to do it. When My company closed 2 yrs ago I never thought getting a new job would mean putting what I love on the back burner.. Well I guess I kind of know its on the back burner but not to the extent this company has put it. I mean I am physically exhausted everyday when I get home from work. I go from my professional clothes to my pajama's everyday. My family hates that I spend no time with them and my friends have the same gripe, I used to stamp with my friend Cheryl a few times a week before and now I don't get to stamp with her at all. We use to ttry every technique there was and have so much fum. I hope this job pans out and gives me some sense of normalcy to my life again. Thanks for listening and checking in. Tomorrow you will see my finished card.


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Cassie said...

Crossing my fingers for you!!!