Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Mail

I got home from work rather late tonight,feeling pretty tired. What is that box on my counter??? Oh Yeah I remember I ordered some of the new stamps from Gina K!! Pretty sweet deal too because you buy 3 and get s special stamp set free. I am so excited!!!!!!!!!! I just had to tell all of you. Now I need to get off here and cut the stamps and If I can do it quickly enough I will make a card with them and be back. If the card isn't on here tonight it will definately be posted tomorrow when I get home from work. Of course it could be a long day because we are having an audit and those audits take for ever. Hopefully we score a hundred, but I know one department we are vulnerable in. Geesh there has got to be a break here life in retail....What can you
Thanks for stopping in and checking on me.



Denise~ said...

Have a super fun time with your new Gina K stamps. Hope to see what you came up with soon...:)

Maren said...

Can't wait to see what you create!! :-)