Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I've been tagged....Twice

I have been tagged not once but twice. Once from stampamania and once from daily scappin inspiration. Check out their blogs they are very talented ladies. So now I hafta tell 7 things about myself wierd or otherwise and I have to tag some others.
1) I am a manager in a large retail chain in the southeast
2) I was devasted when I found out I had to move from the Northeast.
3) I drive a motorcycle
4) I have 2 tatoo's...Guess where?...No silly its my eyeliner
5) I have been married to my second husband for 17 yrs but we Have been together 25
6) My mom went into labor with me on Christmas eve but I was stubborn and didn't
come until the 27th.
7) I am the baby girl in a family of 8 children
8) I am a Ice hockey fanatic
9) I love did I tell you I love my NE Patriots
10) I have been stamping for a little over a year
11) I am afraid of elevators
12) I am a recovered aghoraphobic
13) I lost 85 lbs in 1997 and keep off most of it except a coiuple pounds at the
Holidays and then I lose it right after.
14) I collect swarovski crystal9I have more then the Jewelery stores do


Stampin' Heather said...

Thanks for sharing your fun facts. I work at a dermatologists office and we have a lady who comes in and does permanent cosmetics. I got to watch her do it this week. It was pretty cool!

Denise ~ said...

Go PATS!! Whooo Whooo!!!

Congrats on losing all that weight, that's an awesome achievement! Good for you!

CindyB said...

Nice to read about you...
I started collecting the SW. crystal when we lived overseas, but after a few moves decided I was happy not to get any more. I love the ones I have, they are beautiful!