Tuesday, October 9, 2007

When things go wrong!!!!!

I really made a card last night and I think it came out kind of nice and i even know what cardstock and ink and stamp set I used. So why isn't she posting it you ask? It seems I have lost my wire that goes from my camera to my computer and Tom never showed me how to insert the chip from the camera into the computer. Hopefully I didn't leave the wire in Vegas. I will continue searching and hopefully tonight I can get the picture posted. Thanks for stopping in


Jan Scholl said...

just pop the chip inot the correct slot and the editing program should start automatically--thats what mine does

2 Worlds said...

Hope you find it

Dawn Griffith said...

OH please hurry and find that cord cant wait to see your creation girlie ..
Glad your home safe and sound .. Now Back to stampin girlie ..
Dawn Griffith