Thursday, October 4, 2007

My guys.....LOL

So remember what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas. This was a sampling of the show I am going to. They did a picture for me and my hubby took a picture of their picture so I could post it. No laughing at how red my face was. Thanks for stopping in


Cheryl said...

Wow!!! Looks like fun to me. You look good. thanks for posting.

Dawn griffith said...

OH my goodness NO you didn't :-) such cutie's and you look marvelous girlie ..
Hope your having a Ball .. Apparetnly you are wink wink :-)
Dawn griffith

Flossie's Follies said...

Fantastic picture, now know what they mean by what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Maria said...

Too funny! You really look like you were enjoying yourself! Ha! It's a really fun picture!


2 Worlds said...

that is great

Rita said...

I sure do hope you didn't leave it in LV, but if you did, you can call the hotel to see if they have it & they will send it to you. That happened to a book I left at the hotel their & they mailed it to me. Nothing like Vegas! Good luck. What great eye candy these two are & it looks like you had fun!