Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hoover Dam

This is my new BIL and I looking down at the hoover dam which at the point we were standing was 726 feet down. I can safely tell you that by stomach did flipflops looking down that far. They are building a highway that crosses over the hoover dam and You will never get me on that it must be 1000 ft in the air. well the Hoover dam was the only gov't project that did not cost the taxpayers a dime. It also payed for itself. the mortgage was paid in like 30 yrs instead of the 50 yrs it was taken out for. To think that in the thirties they had this kind of technolgy, makes me wonder why we are not more advanced with our bridges and structures. Ok enough of that. I am trying to figure how to take a picture of my picture with the chippendales and post it here. My face was a little red on the pics but who cars. Sometime this week I am going to their show. Thanks for stopping in.


Rita said...

On 1 of our trips to Vegas, we took a boat ride on Lake Mead, it was a very nice day & it was not too hot...I think it was around 90 - 95 when we did the boat ride, it was great! Hope your having a great time...wish I was there too!

Maria said...

I visited the Hoover Dam! It's huge!

If you're still in Vegas and still have time, you must see Cirque du Soleil "O". It was the most spectacular show I have ever seen. So worth the money!

Are you winning any money? I've given up on winning any money in Vegas. . .I now go there just for the shows and restaurants! Check out Bellagio's Buffet.'s the best!