Friday, May 11, 2007

pic of the cover

I haven't figured out how to put more then one pic in a post


Katie said...

I like your book.

Now I am no blog superstar, but I believe that when you click to add a picture, right above where you browse to upload, it should say upload more than one photo. YOu can click to add like 5 I think.

Again, I am no expert, so I just am trying to help! LOL.

Kristine said...

OMGosh Kathy! THAT IS GORGEOUS!! You really WOWed me...looks just as terrific as on the webisode :) I LOVE the little vellum envies with the flowers inside! I also love your patterned paper and the way you did the top of the box. it's absolutely stunning and would go over GREAT at a bazaar (lol! I'm always thinking of what would sell, as our church has bazaars now and then!) Whatever you use it for, I'm sure it will make a wonderful keepsake :)

StampOwl said...

Hi Kathie,

Glad to see your accordion book and box - they good great. Not sure why you couldn't subscribe to my blog unless feedbitz was down or something???

Maria said...

Hi Kathy,

Thank you for your advise you gave me on my "Life Changing Dilemma". I really appreciate it.

This is a awesome project. . .very beautiful! I love the patterned paper that you used! Great job!

Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Dawn Mercedes said...

Yes, you can click to upload another. Up to five. Then upload. If you wanted more than 5 pix, just upload the first set, then upload 5 more. You can have any number of pix in an entry. You are getting better kathy!!