Monday, November 26, 2007

weight loss Buddies wanted

Check it out if you want to lose weight with a buddy, Angel over at is looking for people who want to lose weight and have a sponsor so to speak to go to. I think its a great Idea. I don't need to lose weight but I would be willing to be there for anyone who needs someone to talk them out of a crisis. Not to bring negativity into this but I lost my brother in 97 to a massive heart attack. Ricky was 43 and overweight and not in the best of shape. He smoked he drank and he didnt care what he ate. After Ricky's funeral I took a look at myself and said "Kathy that could have been you".At 200 lbs and only 5'2 I was also a walking time tomb. I told myself I would lose weight. My family and friends told me I was fine the way I was because they all knew I loved food. One thing I can say about myself is that if I commit to something I follow thru. I started my weight loss plan in april and by the end of november I had lost 70 pounds. Now if I can do it so can you. go check out Angels blog and get the info. Lets commit to be healthier bloggers. Thanks for readiing this and thanks for stopping in.


SpAzzGiRL said...

I think that is a great idea, it always helps to have a buddy to work with. And way to go Kathy on losing at 70 lbs, I think I read that before but I am still astonished and amazed at your determination.

Kathy, the Bloghore said...

You are an inspiration! Way to go! My husband had a very minor heart attack almost 3 years ago. He wasn't overweight, he is very active but he was a smoker. We were very lucky. He quit smoking, cold turkey the day he went into the hospital. I am currently doing WW and as of yesterday (the end of week 3) have lost 9.2 lbs! I still have almost 40 to go...but I'm psyched! Thanks for posting this.