Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Door Knocker

So I really like these folded tree's and I was upset I couldnt add a sentiment to the card(I used the wrong size card...go figure..lol) so I was thinking I could make something to hang from a doorknob and I did, there is a shadow or something in the corner that makes it it look like the corner folded up but it didn't I don't know why it looks like that. Any way I used cerise dp from stampin up and a flower enbellishment I got from Jaime at crazy daisy and I used purely pomegranite and an old green su cs. I stamped the sentiment with a su stamp and used Old glory gold embossing powder. I like the way it came out kind of plain but cute and it looks great on my front hall doorknob. Thanks for stopping in. I think I am really back I just have all these ideas rolling around my head. Cheryl and I are getting together on friday to make a project and I can't wait because its been so long since we stamped together. ok enough rambling until tomorrow.

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