Thursday, July 5, 2007

I am still here

My MIL is here and keeps me pretty busy. My granddaughters and my daughter arrive on Saturday and yes I have been stamping and I will try and post something tomorrow. I just wanted you to know I am still here. I have also been told by big sister I need to put my gown on and take a picture and post it so I will get that on here tomorrow. The card my MIL created she immediately put in an envelope and mailed it but she used the country cottage rose and the sentiment from roses in the winter and it was pretty cute after the 4th she kept smudging the ink but did really great for her first time see you all soon. oh yeah I am really wishing I could find tickets to the CHA, so if anyone knows someone with a ticket they aren't using let me know. Thanks for stopping in


Anonymous said...

Post it and pack it

SpAzzGiRL said...

Have fun stampin up a storm.
You need to find a retailer to get into CHA, know any connections?
If you find a connection, let me know, I'll be there and we can meet!