Sunday, July 8, 2007

Daughter and Granddaughters arrive

My Daughter and Granddaughters arrived last night from Massachusetts and the first thing they wanted to do this morning was to go swimming. The South has changed me a bit I guess because I just can't swim in the morning I think the water is to cold. My oldest granddaughter wants to make some cards while she is here so I will Post them when we do them. On a great note after doing four different designs for the swap I am in I finally settled on one I did with Cheryl and they are off in the mail Monday. I will post a picture of them too. Thanks for stopping in


Jovita said...

Have a wonderful time with your daughter and grand daughter, can't wait to see the cards you make together ;)

Corie said...

Can't wait to see your swaps.

Have fun with the family!!!