Saturday, March 24, 2007

new to blogging

I enjoy all the blogs I go to so I figured I would give it a shot. Now remember I am new at this so I will have to rely on my fellow bloggers to help me navigate through this


Cheryl said...

Hey, that is a great start Kathy. Now how about some blog candy!!!

Kristine said...

Hi Kathy! I'm glad you liked Laurie's card that I posted on my blog. Maybe she WILL send ya one now, Lol! I started blogging in October last year and I learn something new all the time. I'd be happy to help (if I know how) if you want to do something different. I actually learned how to go into the widgets and change up their template colors that they don't give you a choice to change. And I was able to add my own picture as a header!! Anyway, looking forward to seeing more of your stamped creations on here. Good luck!!